Friday, February 15, 2008

Alligator grunts vs. Fire Works

This is long overdue but DH and I went with some friends to the Everglades, for New Years to camp and get away from all the city life and drunken fools. Clearly this was not my 1st choice but hey I went along with the idea since we are all trying to save some "moolah". I finally uploaded some random pics I was taking all night. We actually named the big alligator "Chubbs". Also, don't miss the guys acting like fire dragons by the fire pit lmao. Yes believe it or not we do an annual camping trip with tons of friends out to this same spot. Usually playing cards, dominoes, playing music, keg, etc. This is definitely out in the boondies and hopefully a helicopter could find us if god forbid something was to happen. Not everyones cup of tea I know but in the end it is the best spot in the world to see the whole sky full of stars. We become one with nature, we respect them and they respect us. This is how up close and personal we get. Chilling images so beware. lol No no fences or anything to protect us. Yes I know, crazy!!!

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