Monday, April 28, 2008

Genius crafting $ saving schemes

Cricut, I'm sorry to be taking business away from you but I couldn't stand to purchase a 2 pack of your 12x12 mats for $12, everytime the glue wore down.
Crafting gets to be a bit expensive, as you may know, so I try and find alternative solutions that work. I have to say that Krylon introduced me to an amazing product of theirs. Who would've thought that a Krylon repositionable spray adhesive would exist.

It is so easy to apply. Just spray on outside and let dry. Only takes a few minutes to be ready for mounting. With Michael's 40% off coupon and the can costing around $5 regular price, it came out as a steal. So for all the crafting ladies out there, hope this tip helps you all save a few $$$ from time to time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finger lick'n good!

I have to give major credit to a couple that recently started their own cooking tv show. I'm sure many have had a chance to catch a show or two. It's "Down Home with the Neely's".

Yes, they are a loving couple that always say cutesie names to one another but a side from all that, the bbq food items they create look delicious and really easy to make. I'm always looking forward to watching a show of theirs. Definitely worth checking out. Plus my SIL just gave me an amazing BBQ recipe book this weekend that I am looking forward to putting to good use.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ready for "La Isla Del Encanto"

So it's official we finally booked our stay in PR. Keep in mind that even though I grew up here, I couldn't resist than to give DH his own taste of Puerto Rican fun and atmosphere. Bring on the coquitos, masita de puerco from Los gorditos, chocolate covered strawberries from Plaza, a jabarito from the Boriquen Lounge...omg! (pic below) Just makes your mouth water. Deep fried plantain sandwiches with yellow rice. Mmmmmm....Ok enough with my fat @ss. lol I need to remember that Weight Watchers is my priority right now.

So here are some pics of the hotel. Always nice to have our own privacy even though we will be having tons of fun with my father and grandfather each day. Get dropped off, relax, sip some frozens by the swim up bar and just chill. I do that soooo well =P Best part is waking up and staring out the balcony, right towards the ocean. Can't wait! You would think I've never been there, with the way I'm writing this. Though truth be told I grew up the first 7 years of my life there and traveled 2 times a year to see my family. It's just that I haven't been since 2002 with trying to finish school, work, new home and everything else, that I miss being there so bad.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Island Fantasies are hitting close to home

I'm truly excited about this months issue of pottery barn. Since DH and I both have an island background, its only natural we love spanish and island decor. He continues to tell me time and time again, how much he wants a hammock for the back yard. Considering I love the colors and the fact it is super wide to fit us both, this might just be on the list to order. If only I could have that scenery in my backyard. Absolutely beautiful!

This armoire represents much of the island feel. With all the shutter doors and distressed yellow, this would be a keeper. Comes with a hefty price though :( Is it Christmas time again??? lol

To frame a mounted tv in a black or espresso finish, is truly a nice touch. Just like a piece of art, all on its own.

The mediterranean tile design on these rugs, are to die for. I love the burnt orange but against my mexican tiles in the home, they would blend in too much. Maybe the brown one is worth considering for under the dining room table. Hmmm...still need to think about it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcoming my new nephew to the world

Once again I am an auntie =) I am now officially an auntie of 13 nephews and nieces. Yup, can you tell that birthdays and holidays are tough on us? lol DH has 5 sisters and he's the only boy. Pressures on...he's the only one left to have a child. We come from a tight family unit and would be delighted some day.

Well my SIL sent us a pic from NY of our adorable nephew. Check out the smile, absolutely priceless! He looks just like DH when he was a baby.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reaching success on Weight Watchers

I am so proud to announce that I have reached my 15 pound mark today. I am on week 9 now and plan to stick with this for the long road. It's clear I have a lot more weight I need to drop but this is a huge accomplishment for me. Everyone keeps mentioning to me, how impressed they are with the fact I am so determined, sticking to it without breaking and are all noticing my results. Just yesterday, my coworkers ordered NY style pizza and fried ravioli. I said thanks but no thanks and went to Wendy's for a salad. Which I ended up not eating anyhow but thats a side from the story. I honestly don't go around telling family and friends how far I've come because its not about numbers to me but more about how I feel and look. Though I admit it doesn't hurt to see great results on the scale. I guess the good feeling hits you when people start calling you out on it. My husband is like, "Babe I think its time to go shopping for new clothes. Your jeans are drooping from the back and fit you big." I turn, smile and think..."Now that's what I'm talking about!" lol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beginning of Kitchen Remodel in Progress

Last night we had the tiling expert come over, to go over details and layouts for the kitchen. We are really excited that all the plans we've had in mind are all coming together. They will begin working this evening so at least its a start. The tile we picked out is amazing, all in natural stone. The backsplash and border are beautiful with the accents of crackled glass. I will be sure to take pictures of the process and post them soon. If only 5 pm can come sooner than later, we can get the ball rolling today. I'm super excited =) Here is the stone backsplash, border, crackled glass insert (I placed in there so you can get an idea of the complete look) and pencil rope tiles to give contrast. The stone ceramic tile is what we will be using for the countertop and it will all be sealed carefully along with our kitchen faucet and new Kohl stainless steel sink, that will all be replaced and installed.

Accent tile inserts and countertop complete. Excuse the pieces of duct tape =P Those are to avoid the side tiles from sliding, so they dry in place as necessary. Tiles need to set before grouting.

Close up of the countertops

Under cabinet spot lights that will be wired in. Thanks to Ikea for a great deal =) 3 for $25

As of 4/28/08 - Popping out outlets, replacing door hinges and starting to paint over yellow

Sink and faucet installed

Monday, April 14, 2008

Call me Inspector Gadget

So I've been doing some detective work for the past 3 months now and finally managed to break the case. In Feb 2008 DH and I purchased a new living room set and wanted to donate our older sofa for a good cause. The sofa was in mint condition, considering I always took good care of it. So cutting to the chase, I made a huge sign and stuck it on the sofa stating, "Donation for Breast Cancer Awareness (scheduled truck pick up)" Well it was in my parking space and one of our neighbors thought it was cute to steal the sofa for themselves. I was vivid and I couldn't believe someone would ignore a sign that clearly meant "DO NOT TAKE!" Who in this world thinks they have more worth than going for a good cause. I just told my husband, "don't worry that the man upstairs is watching and they will pay for what they did." I already had plans that if I saw someone with our sofa moving in the future, I would seriously walk right up and slash the hell out of it. When they call the cops, I will show them the donation slip stating that item was missing and have pictures to prove it was ours. Yes, I am just that crazy. I'm a thoughtful person but ugly actions will pay in my book. Now 2 days a go, hubby and I went to speak with a neighbor 3 doors down that does carpentry work. As we are speaking to him, I notice our sofa right through their window. DH just tapped my leg for me to see it. Question now is, what to do? Hmmmm....Should I contact the association? Is it worth it and do I really feel they will do something about it? Probably not and now its too late. My father is a prankster and overall goofball. I told him what happend and he couldn't believe it. His advice is to go late at night and put crazy glue in their car door locks. =P He told me...well if you paid $600+ for that couch and they are taking advantage then let them pay to fix their car. The $$$ will not be returned in my pockets but the aggrevation is worth every dime. It will definitely make them think twice before messing with us. It's evil revenge but all I can do is say...Bwahahahaha!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hubba Hubba Birthday Loving

My husbands birthday is being planned in advance, due to the fact I planned a 6 day trip to Puerto Rico for him. At least he can have the opportunity to have tons of fun and enjoy a vacation. I figured I will go all out and order some flowers to be delivered to the room, maybe call the hotel in advance and have them deliver a bottle of wine and really show him what paradise is all about. Hey hey hey get your mind out of the gutter ;-)~ I came across the 1st arrangement by Martha Stewart that is available at 1 800 Flowers that would be perfect for him. $60 is not a bad price at all. The 2nd one is by a local flower vendor (D'Flor Flowers in San Juan) that is even better at $48. Hmmm...choices I tell ya! Can't wait to see his expression and know how much effort I put into planning out a nice surprise. He deserves it, he is truly a blessing to my life.


Before and After - DIY medallion and pendant light

Before and After - From peach to beige

Before and After

Before and After - From basic construction to oil bronze hardware and modern day spa decor

Before and After - Update galore with all new appliances, hardware and lighting. Countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet coming soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Turning the Big 27!

To my surprise this is what I found at my desk, when I got back from lunch today. A gift from my boss and orange flavored cake pieces made with cream cheese frosting, from another coworker. I promise only 1/2 a piece to not ruin the weight loss. I learned in grade school to share ;-)~

and this was my lovely surprise from the hubby when I got home. Gosh I love him!

$$Cash Bash$$ 2008

Thanks to my husbands wonderful company, we had the opportunity to get invited once again to this years cash bash event in Marco Island. He has worked super hard this year and was honored to have this opportunity. Only top employees that have helped the company grow in profits, are invited. DH won big money...Woohoo! Every penny helps plus you get a free night stay and door prize. I came out lucky when I managed to get the bonus $50 under my desert plate =) hehehehe DH's door prize was the Ipod Nano that he handed over and said, "here is an extra gift for your birthday." lol How thoughtful huh? :P So its official, we have all the extra money to pay for our hotel in Puerto Rico without touching our account. Nice huh!

I have to say that after all the renovations, the Marriott looks nicer than ever. What a nice little get a way for the weekend. Aside from the pouring rain in the middle of the night and after check out going down alligator alley, it was sunny and beautiful the rest of the time. I recommend this hotel to anyone.