Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Celebrating our 3 year Anniversary today!

Opening my eyes this morning, all I could do is smile as hubby kissed me on my head. He was all showered, shaved, cut his hair and smelling all fresh by 7am. What a wonderful way to start the day. I instantly knew he was preparing for a lovely night out with wifey(me). With a quick, "Love you babe! Have a nice day at work and see you later alligator", he was off to work.

I just received an email from him saying, "How does it feel to have been 3 years as a rusty bucket baby?" Laughing at the goof ball he is, he tells me that when we celebrate our 5 year anniversary, he will be getting me a 5 gallon drum of oil so I can soak my old @$$. My response was, "I will lube you up like the tin man from Wizard of Oz you old fart. Broken joints that crackle and snap like Rice Krispies cereal. lmao" Can't you just feel the love. =P

Now I sit here remembering how many things we have done in the past 3 years, feeling super excited about what life has yet to bring. I am truly grateful to have DH like my partner in crime, best friend and loving husband. It's clear we are not the typical couple that is always mushy...mushy crap but the time we spend together is always hilarious and enjoyable. When you can honestly "want" to spend quality time with your partner, no matter what you do after 9 years together...the love is clearly strong and going in the right direction.

As for now all I know is that tonights plans have changed and bowling is out the picture. Hardrock here we come! Updates to follow.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My new Weight Watchers Gadget

I have been pretty down in the dumps recently, when I realized that I lost my point slider. I actually saved that slider for about 4 years and was excited to use it once again. Even though I am registered for online tracking, it is wonderful to have the scale in your purse. We can't be in front of a computer all day so this method has worked very well for me. I have been feeling really good, knowing that WW has been working its miracle on me once again. I am down 25 1/2 pounds now and still excited to keep going. Right now my motivation is like a train that keeps on going.

Going one day without my scale has been torture. Has become like a safety blanket for me now. I made the decision to go online and check out what point calculators WW is now offering that I could buy ASAP. To my surprise they have an amazing gadget that calculates the WW points, keeps track of all your daily points, also saves your activity points, plus all the water, fruits, veggies, vitamin, etc. that we normally log in daily. Talk about relief. No more writing down and trying to remember what points I have left. This sucker does it all for me.
I can't wait to get it and continue on the plan. Right now I am playing the safety net, just eating things that I know the point values to, until I receive the points calculator. So far, so good.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mom's 50th Birthday

I have to say that I haven't seen my mom so happy and excited, in a long time. I am glad that her birthday surprise turned out so well. Considering we had my baby brother (only 10 years old), I managed to have a nice day planned out for the 3 of us.

At first she showed up and my brother and I, sang happy birthday and she cut her cake. She went to the stores, to do some shopping. She really enjoyed that part. Can you blame her? Well I helped her pick out a nice outfit for her and my brother. We then went to Muvico to catch the new Kung Fu Panda movie. Super cute and definitely recommend. Then we went back to the house to shower and get ready. Andre was home from work by this time. Finally we made it out to Benihana's. A nice way for my brother to be entertained and my mom could enjoy a nice pina colada in her souvenier geisha cup. Must I add that she had lobster, shrimp and scallops. Woman wouldn't stop smiling and the best part is the fact we got an amazing picture taken of us. With a little more happy birthday singing and an icecream desert, the day was a success. Here are a few pics of the evening. I am just waiting for the family pic to be scanned and emailed. Once I get that, I will be sure to add it in this post.
Hubby is so wonderful that he promised to take care of my brother, so we can have a girls night out. We are heading to the comedy club for some good laughs and good drinks. =) Oh yeahhhh!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why I Love Mi Media Naranja

Let me first explain that "mi media naranja" is spanish for "my other half". Cute term we use a lot in Puerto Rico.

So my hubby decided to surprise me with an early 3 year anniversary gift. Our anniversary is not until June 25th but he couldn't wait. Poor thing was super excited. Regardless the thoughtful gift left me speechless and I couldn't stop smiling. He knows that the materialistic items don't necessarily make me happy but the fact that he put so much thought into the gift and knew what would mean something to me, meant the world to me.

He told me the basic chains were all 16' and he knew I always use 18'-20', so he made sure to purchase another chain that fit me well. He knew I love clean straight lines and simplicity but also wanted it to match the princess cut diamonds on my wedding rings. All I could say is, "wow babe!" I give him much credit because I know how difficult it is for men to shop and needless to say, pick out jewelry with so much thought behind it. How can I not love this man?

What he doesn't know is that I have a nice surprise in store for him too. Hubby loves carbon fiber details on cars and now it seems that they are implementing them into jewelry for men. I found him a nice titanium bracelet and ring with carbon fiber details. I am sure he will be super happy. I will be sure to post pics soon.