Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being \(,)mi-,sən-dər-stud\; me malinterpretes

Yesterday got me thinking about a lot about misconceptions. Clearly there are some of us that express our feelings outloud with no remorse. Then there are people who feel things but shout things in their mind, for no one to hear. We are all human in the end and its only natural to have an opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with how we all express ourselves, is really irrelevant. I see things for what they are and only know how to be me. Though, I have a compassionate soul and always respect individuals and their points of view. Just like an equator, theres a fine line people should just never attempt to cross. People that know me call me Sabrosura for a reason....I can be the sweetest person you can ever come across and I will take the shirt off my back to help someone in need. Though I've learned that people love to take advantage of a good soul. It's ok because I know one way or another it will get taken care of. Like I say, "God don't like ugly". I have to remind myself on a daily basis that I still need to be that person to show the world that kindness is the key. Please, thank you, sorry, etc. goes a long way. You get uptight, I will give you a smile. You disrespect me, be ready to get knocked the f*ck out. Call me crazy...maybe I don't have a middle median but like I said you either love me or hate me, you make the call. Trust me I won't be crying a river but if you need a true friend to talk to or hang with that won't hate on you...then I'm the girl. I don't waste my time with scumbags, b!tches or @ssholes. I have a motto and that is to surround myself with positive ora at all times. If you want the truth and ask for my opinion, I will give it to you direct. I won't tell you want you want to hear because I know its what you want, I will just state my opinion in a nice manner. Never intending to hurt you in any way. I'm not shaddy or a 2 face but may be a bit sarcastic for a good laugh. This is where you put your big girl panties on and laugh along. If you can do that, you are one cool chick in my book. I even admit that I am a very sociable person that loves to laugh and hang with groups of friends. If you judge my social personality as an attention seeker, let me just tell are so wrong. Last thing I ever want to do is have people like me, forcefully and earn brownie points. I'm no damn girl scout, just a down to earth girl that keeps it real :)

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