Friday, February 29, 2008

Whatcha' want..watcha' want...watcha' wanna do

Guest Room Idea Board
Guest Bath Idea Board

As for the guest room, I really would love to keep many of the tropical details I have in there at the moment but bring in more natural elements to the room as well. Of course with a twist of mosaic prints and additional throw pillows w/ complimentary textures and designs to give it a bit of contrast. DH and I have been shopping around for a platform bed with undermount storage to make best use of the space. I also want to take a moment and give thanks to mamabear7, for sharing your distressed window shutters. Such a nice and affordable detail that fits our style so well. Our goal is to create a nice tropical suite for our guests and hopefully they will feel relaxed and enjoy the space as much as we do.

The guest bathroom connects to the guest room for privacy. In this space I would really like a spa feel along with contemporary clean lines. Mainly dark browns with small key touches of light sage green will be the main colors.

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