Thursday, March 13, 2008

{(<=Steam is coming out my ears=>)}

I really need to get this all off my chest before I explode. I am seriously about to lose it with some people. What kind of world are we living in? I'm sick and tired of people living in a freaking bubble and not know how to step beyond their comfort level, to learn about life. Just because you have money and live in a high end city doesn't make your sh!t smell like flowers. Get off your high horse and place your feet on the ground for once. I can seriously say I can hold myself down pretty well in any kind of environment you put me in. Living in S.Florida I have hung out the same in a Ritz Carlton as well as what we can consider crack town in downtown area. Regardless we all have to watch our back, theres no denying that. I'm so grateful that life has given me as much as I have today but it took determination and hard work. I'll be the 1st to tell you I worked full time and went to school at nights paying my way through classes. Lived in a 500 sq ft. little apt behind a house and managed to work my way up through life. Nothing was served in a silver platter to me and yet I can sit next to you now and enjoy a filet mignon with a glass of wine at a 5 star restaurant and you would never be able to figure out truly who I am. Take me to a festival in the hood and I will still eat, drink and dance the night away. What I have to offer is not just pulling out a wallet and flashing the $$$ but being book smart and street smart. I give people the chance to show their hardships and what led them there as well as I admire people who have worked hard to get the best life, even if they are millionaires that deserve every bit. Life is about being there for one another and not putting people down. If you are just an ignorant, stupid person...then you deserve to be looked down as a fool. Don't hate because I have a degree, speak 2 languages, still in my 20's and make a pay check similar to yours at 40+. Who gives a flying arse that you live(d) in Brickell, Seattle, LA or anywhere else for that matter. I just can't understand the reasoning behind wanting to act and carry your life like a drama diva or master of your thrown character as millionaire's club or housewives of orange county and think its a cute way to portray yourself. Learn about culture, devote your time to helping others in need, sit down in a poor families home and see the love they put in their cooking and families, travel to get a good sense of different life forms and customs, just do anything you are afraid to try and you might learn about a thing or two. This also goes for the less fortunate. You are not forgotten. Just because you grew up in a low end neighborhood, surrounded by bad influences, etc. gives you no reason to not try and overcome those obstacles. There are people in the world dyeing for the opportunity to have half the chances you do. Set goals and reach for the stars.

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