Monday, April 7, 2008

$$Cash Bash$$ 2008

Thanks to my husbands wonderful company, we had the opportunity to get invited once again to this years cash bash event in Marco Island. He has worked super hard this year and was honored to have this opportunity. Only top employees that have helped the company grow in profits, are invited. DH won big money...Woohoo! Every penny helps plus you get a free night stay and door prize. I came out lucky when I managed to get the bonus $50 under my desert plate =) hehehehe DH's door prize was the Ipod Nano that he handed over and said, "here is an extra gift for your birthday." lol How thoughtful huh? :P So its official, we have all the extra money to pay for our hotel in Puerto Rico without touching our account. Nice huh!

I have to say that after all the renovations, the Marriott looks nicer than ever. What a nice little get a way for the weekend. Aside from the pouring rain in the middle of the night and after check out going down alligator alley, it was sunny and beautiful the rest of the time. I recommend this hotel to anyone.

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