Friday, April 11, 2008

Hubba Hubba Birthday Loving

My husbands birthday is being planned in advance, due to the fact I planned a 6 day trip to Puerto Rico for him. At least he can have the opportunity to have tons of fun and enjoy a vacation. I figured I will go all out and order some flowers to be delivered to the room, maybe call the hotel in advance and have them deliver a bottle of wine and really show him what paradise is all about. Hey hey hey get your mind out of the gutter ;-)~ I came across the 1st arrangement by Martha Stewart that is available at 1 800 Flowers that would be perfect for him. $60 is not a bad price at all. The 2nd one is by a local flower vendor (D'Flor Flowers in San Juan) that is even better at $48. Hmmm...choices I tell ya! Can't wait to see his expression and know how much effort I put into planning out a nice surprise. He deserves it, he is truly a blessing to my life.

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Jackie said...

Both are very nice; save the extra bucks, go with #2, and splurge on the champagne!