Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a shocker from!

Let me first start by saying that I have the worst luck when it comes to winning any kind of free prizes. That kind of explains why I never gamble or set my hope up for things because I always get the short end of the stick, kind of deal. Well to my surprise this morning, I received an email from Nest Kaitlin (Editorial Assistant), telling me I just won a free Ducky Layette cake from Hold the Flour!

I couldn't believe it. Just for entering some not so common and unique baby shower games. Thank goodness for creativity huh! I have been to so many baby showers with the same set ups and same games. Considering all my losses I've had in the past, I was preparing for my baby showers to eventually come and I knew I wanted to put a fun twist on things. Still never giving up hope, DH and I have plans of TTC towards the end of this year again. Now I have another great gift I can put away till our time comes. With the way this year is flying by, our time will come sooner than what we can even imagine.

These are the items the cake consists of:

Gently rolled between the soft blankets is a complete layette. Each baby cake includes a night gown, a sleeper, three onsies, two bibs, booties, pacifiers, a teether, and a soft toy. Also folded in are two receiving blankets and color coordinated cloth diaper burp cloths. We have included everything needed to welcome the little one home in style.


Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Congrats on your winnings! Crossing my fingers you'll be able to use all of the items real soon.