Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling like I'm hitting a plateau

Lately I feel like the diet has been on a stand still position, even though the numbers and my graph shows other wise. Every week I loose anywhere from 1/2 a pound to 2 lbs a week on average. Though I feel I need to step it up a bit more to continuous results in the 1.5 - 2 lbs a week. These couple of weeks have been in the .5 - 1 lb. Overall I can't complain since I'm on week 22 and have lost a total of 28.5 pounds to date. I am hard on myself and I know it. Though when I set a goal, I will push to the end and nothing or no one can stop me.

I came across a statement on the WW website that even as simple as it is, it really put me to think. It said, "I came to realize that it took me years to put on all of my weight, so it wouldn't come off in a couple of months. I had to learn to be patient." Boy do I need to read that over and over again. lol It's like they say, "Patience is a virtue."

Now Andre and I are planning on hitting the community gym tonight or taking a late night swim. I do have things that need to be done around the house like sweeping, mopping and vacuuming though. I will just have to head home immediately and get started asap. I will be sure to focus on continuous laps back and forth, race hubby a few times or do an intense work out at the gym. Let's see how tonight plays out for us.


ptg said...

I hear ya...even though .5lb is still .5lb, it's so frustrating to not have it be more. Since Jan 1 I've lost 29lb and I am so freaking frustrated that it ISN'T more.
Good luck as you break your plateau, with the support of your DH I know you can do it!

Jen M said...

Just keep on keeping on - you're doing great! Feel proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I have always found - the more weight I lose the slower it goes at the end. Those last few weeks of half a pound every week or two just...well...they suck and they are frustrating. You have a GREAT attitude. You have come very far in a short period of time and should be proud of yourself. The plateau will break! I heard a cool tip to switch things up b/c your body gets used to things. Lunch for breakfast, breakfast food for dinner, etc. Sometimes your body needs a little shock. OXOXOX.