Monday, April 28, 2008

Genius crafting $ saving schemes

Cricut, I'm sorry to be taking business away from you but I couldn't stand to purchase a 2 pack of your 12x12 mats for $12, everytime the glue wore down.
Crafting gets to be a bit expensive, as you may know, so I try and find alternative solutions that work. I have to say that Krylon introduced me to an amazing product of theirs. Who would've thought that a Krylon repositionable spray adhesive would exist.

It is so easy to apply. Just spray on outside and let dry. Only takes a few minutes to be ready for mounting. With Michael's 40% off coupon and the can costing around $5 regular price, it came out as a steal. So for all the crafting ladies out there, hope this tip helps you all save a few $$$ from time to time.

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Jo said...

THANK YOU so much for your tip about the Cricut mat! I've been abusing my machine since I got it 3 weeks ago, and had to buy several mats... but this will certainly help in the future!