Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby Fever & Chubby Cheeks

So (our local radio station) is having a vote for cutest baby contest online. With all the baby fever and over 1,000 of the cutest little faces, how is someone to choose. All this does is warm the heart to a whole other level. Dh is probably exceedingly baby crazed, so to make his day I saved a few pics of the cutest ones that I thought would make his heart melt. (slaps hand) Yes, I! =P

and of course we can't forget to vote for our special mini nestie family member Sophia

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Jackie said...

Oh how I know the feeling have having baby fever! It's hard, especially seeing all those adorable kiddies! And how can we forget Sophia... she's so adorable. Her eyes are so expressive already at such a young age; she's def going to break some hearts.