Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Island Fantasies are hitting close to home

I'm truly excited about this months issue of pottery barn. Since DH and I both have an island background, its only natural we love spanish and island decor. He continues to tell me time and time again, how much he wants a hammock for the back yard. Considering I love the colors and the fact it is super wide to fit us both, this might just be on the list to order. If only I could have that scenery in my backyard. Absolutely beautiful!

This armoire represents much of the island feel. With all the shutter doors and distressed yellow, this would be a keeper. Comes with a hefty price though :( Is it Christmas time again??? lol

To frame a mounted tv in a black or espresso finish, is truly a nice touch. Just like a piece of art, all on its own.

The mediterranean tile design on these rugs, are to die for. I love the burnt orange but against my mexican tiles in the home, they would blend in too much. Maybe the brown one is worth considering for under the dining room table. Hmmm...still need to think about it.


Jackie said...

Jessi, our taste in decor is so similar, it is too strange! We call the motif "Tommy Bahama" as it is tropical, but not Miami Beach 80's tacky tropical. LOL

I absolutely love all of the items listed in the post. I really wanted to buy the TV frame, but our wall isn't wide enough. The hammock is to die for! I love the shutters look; there are a couple of house in my neighborhood that have them on all the windows as interior windo treatments, and I admire them everytime I see them... and as you can see by the blog pics, we too have mexican tile in our home! LOL

Hope you get to purchase all your favorite items, without going broke!

cynthia said...

OMG!!! I was thinking of getting the rug!!! LOL...don't ya just love PB (ahhh smiling at thought of backyard furniture). Ok girlie need to get to work on my blog. Been slacking!!!