Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ready for "La Isla Del Encanto"

So it's official we finally booked our stay in PR. Keep in mind that even though I grew up here, I couldn't resist than to give DH his own taste of Puerto Rican fun and atmosphere. Bring on the coquitos, masita de puerco from Los gorditos, chocolate covered strawberries from Plaza, a jabarito from the Boriquen Lounge...omg! (pic below) Just makes your mouth water. Deep fried plantain sandwiches with yellow rice. Mmmmmm....Ok enough with my fat @ss. lol I need to remember that Weight Watchers is my priority right now.

So here are some pics of the hotel. Always nice to have our own privacy even though we will be having tons of fun with my father and grandfather each day. Get dropped off, relax, sip some frozens by the swim up bar and just chill. I do that soooo well =P Best part is waking up and staring out the balcony, right towards the ocean. Can't wait! You would think I've never been there, with the way I'm writing this. Though truth be told I grew up the first 7 years of my life there and traveled 2 times a year to see my family. It's just that I haven't been since 2002 with trying to finish school, work, new home and everything else, that I miss being there so bad.


Jackie said...

OMG gorgeous! We went on a 7-day cruise last year, which stopped at San Juan, PR. We toured the Old San Juan, and later had dinner at an amazing restaurant (Ajili-Mójili - highly recommended it). I had eaten lunch there once while I travlled there for business, and the mofongo was amazing! I love that sh*t! May I ask what hotel you are staying at? Page me if you want. I've stayed at the Conquistador and it is beautiful... totally to die for! The views from the mountains are priceless.

My parents just got back from San Juan for a wedding and they stayed at the Caribe Hilton and they said it was very nice too; they passed by the Conquistdor, as that is where my cousins have their boats (yachts actually... they have done well for themselves!).

Hope you have an amazing trip... and come back with 1) a little lifetime reminder ;) and 2) lots of gorgeous pics.

ptg said...

(got here from the Nest)

Being another fellow PR - I am so incredibly jealous that you get to go home! Eat some extra tostones for me, ok???