Monday, June 16, 2008

Mom's 50th Birthday

I have to say that I haven't seen my mom so happy and excited, in a long time. I am glad that her birthday surprise turned out so well. Considering we had my baby brother (only 10 years old), I managed to have a nice day planned out for the 3 of us.

At first she showed up and my brother and I, sang happy birthday and she cut her cake. She went to the stores, to do some shopping. She really enjoyed that part. Can you blame her? Well I helped her pick out a nice outfit for her and my brother. We then went to Muvico to catch the new Kung Fu Panda movie. Super cute and definitely recommend. Then we went back to the house to shower and get ready. Andre was home from work by this time. Finally we made it out to Benihana's. A nice way for my brother to be entertained and my mom could enjoy a nice pina colada in her souvenier geisha cup. Must I add that she had lobster, shrimp and scallops. Woman wouldn't stop smiling and the best part is the fact we got an amazing picture taken of us. With a little more happy birthday singing and an icecream desert, the day was a success. Here are a few pics of the evening. I am just waiting for the family pic to be scanned and emailed. Once I get that, I will be sure to add it in this post.
Hubby is so wonderful that he promised to take care of my brother, so we can have a girls night out. We are heading to the comedy club for some good laughs and good drinks. =) Oh yeahhhh!

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