Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why I Love Mi Media Naranja

Let me first explain that "mi media naranja" is spanish for "my other half". Cute term we use a lot in Puerto Rico.

So my hubby decided to surprise me with an early 3 year anniversary gift. Our anniversary is not until June 25th but he couldn't wait. Poor thing was super excited. Regardless the thoughtful gift left me speechless and I couldn't stop smiling. He knows that the materialistic items don't necessarily make me happy but the fact that he put so much thought into the gift and knew what would mean something to me, meant the world to me.

He told me the basic chains were all 16' and he knew I always use 18'-20', so he made sure to purchase another chain that fit me well. He knew I love clean straight lines and simplicity but also wanted it to match the princess cut diamonds on my wedding rings. All I could say is, "wow babe!" I give him much credit because I know how difficult it is for men to shop and needless to say, pick out jewelry with so much thought behind it. How can I not love this man?

What he doesn't know is that I have a nice surprise in store for him too. Hubby loves carbon fiber details on cars and now it seems that they are implementing them into jewelry for men. I found him a nice titanium bracelet and ring with carbon fiber details. I am sure he will be super happy. I will be sure to post pics soon.


Jackie said...

He went to Jared! LOL It is beautiful, and very thoughtful. Enjoy. =) And happy (early) 3 yr anniversary... ours was last week!

ptg said...

That is beautiful!

Happy 3-yr anniversary!