Friday, July 18, 2008

Excited its week 23 and I hit the 30 lb. mark

Oh yeahhhh! Doing the happy dance. lol First I'm excited that its Friday and I'm definitely ready to celebrate this weekend. I know I've been out of the loop for over a week, in touching base with my blog but I've been working on a few projects here and there. I figured it would be great to share my excitement today & catch up on updates.

As for Weight Watchers, it is still going great as it has from day one. I can't complain. Every 10 pounds seems like a milestone for me. Honestly, I feel like I lost the weight of a 2 year old baby. Crazy when you think of it like that. I'm achieving more than I had expected and its a goal that I feel will come to an end, when the time is right. I'm just sticking to the plan daily and I've become so comfortable with it. All my friends have been super supportive in helping work out at the gym, always tell me what a great job I'm doing not being tempted to eat their junk and always pre pack my fruits and snacks in zip locks, when I go to their house. When we bbq, they even buy skinless chicken legs just for me. Awww...they are too sweet. What can I say, not only am I making myself proud but I know that my friends and family are behind me 110%.

On to the subject of my crafts and party planning, I have been really focused on getting all my resources together and putting my mind to work. I've made some amazing progress and I'm really excited to see it all pull together soon. Looking forward to a new beginning and exciting career in the making.

Thats it for now folks...........!!!


ptg said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 30lb!!! That's really great - I just hit 30# as well and it just makes me want to do more! LOL

It's also awesome that you have such great support from your friends and family. It's so important to have that!

Jennifer J. said...

Congratulations !!!!

Mango Gal said...

Congratulations! That's an awesome accomplishment!

Natalie said...

Just wanted to say congratulations!!